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Money and Flow

Feb 28, 2019

Today’s podcast we are chatting about the first Black Bank the Freedman Bank:

After the Civil War, President Lincoln wanted to create financial literacy for African Americans transition into freedom. The Freedman Bureau Act was the establishment to start a black bank for African Americans. But the push for African...

Feb 20, 2019

Welcome to today's episode of Black Girl Money Mysteries: The Power of Networking with Kala Lacy we chat about: 

Angela Moore, CFP- Modern Money Advisor

Entrepreneurship and Financial Wellness

Texas is ranked No. 1 state for women entrepreneurs

Kaynesha Grayson- Art of Applying

The Well- Mental Wellness

The Well-...

Feb 13, 2019

Welcome to our Black Girl Money Mysteries, in today's episode we're talking with guest co, Kala Lacy MFT, Yoga Psychotherapist(t)/ Founder @thewellhealing about Mental Financial Wellness

We had a great time chatting about:

  • The start of going into therapy for people of color
  • Experience of a black queer woman and her the...

Feb 8, 2019

Welcome to the first Black Girl Money Mystery story. This is our first "Planet Money" episode, where we look at a historical figure and analyze their superpowers in order to activate our own money stories. 

In this episode: 

We chat about Madam CJ Walker's Life Story from being a parentless child at the age of 7 to the...